Dark field microscopy of live blood analysis (LBA) is a method that uses a microscope (with light) and
a specific illumination technique to observe and evaluate the qualities of living and native blood.
Quantitative and qualitative variations in red blood cells become visible and allow for numerous
The abundant and abnormal presence of filaments is a phenomenon observed in various stressful
Stress and energy deficiency can be highlighted in the dark field through alterations in red blood
According to Professor Enderlein’s theory, if red blood cells are “clumped” (filaments), they can no
longer perform their function correctly.

Subject without cell phone
Subject after 10 minutes of phone calls
+ Wi-Fi
strong presence of filaments
Subject after 10 minutes of phone calls
+ Wi-Fi and with ENEU HarmoNice protection
the presence of filaments was eliminated

ENEU HarmoNice has clearly demonstrated its protective effect, even in dark field microscopy. Red
blood cells were able to maintain their original state.

100,000 kilometers, that is the total length of blood vessels in the human body. Along this path,
which would be sufficient for two and a half trips around the Earth, the tubular structures transport
vital substances such as oxygen in the body through the blood and remove harmful substances.

Capillaries are very thin vessels with extremely thin walls. Their diameter depends on the degree of
outflow and the organ involved, ranging from 0.0005 to 0.015 millimeters. Substance exchange
between the blood and cells occurs through capillaries – oxygen and nutrients are transferred to cells
through capillaries, while carbon dioxide and waste products are exchanged.

When red blood cells become clumped together, filaments form. This prevents proper supply to
cells/organs. Additionally, their volume is reduced, leading to a lower capacity for transporting
oxygen and harmful substances. This can cause various physical disorders and cell aging.

Our studies were conducted by Dr. Delmonego at the Vital Medizin clinic in Bolzano.
It should be noted that dark field microscopy is not recognized by conventional medicine.



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