Water is a good conductor of energy and information. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) studied the energy structure of water. In a long series of experiments, he proved that the true essence of water is revealed in its ice crystals, documenting with pictures how the crystals assume a harmoniously symmetrical shape or, on the contrary, a chaotic and disordered one, as a consequence of the energy to which they are exposed.

Our series of tests have shown that mobile phone radiation (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and e-smog produce a disharmonious crystal structure.

ENEU HarmoNice is able to harmonize harmful information on a large scale and makes it new and energizing.

The human body of an adult person consists mainly of water (about 70%).
The effect of ENEU HarmoNice on water and then on us humans becomes impressively clear thanks to these test series.



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