Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
What are the differences between the various versions/models?

The 4 models can positively support individual life issues with their beneficial energy information, in addition to neutralising possible interference fields (e-smog).

„Free“: Freedom – Clarity – Lightness

„Love“: Love – Self-love – Unity

„Fire“: Transformation – back to the original natural state

„Light“: Support for the body – self-acceptance and self-regulation

Can the additional energy information of the 4 models have a negative effect on me or my environment?

No, the additional energy information is merely an offer to help us achieve a natural balance more quickly. We are constantly exposed to environmental stress, so we need a corresponding harmonic balance. ENEU HarmoNice offers this in the form of life-affirming energy information (life energy/chi), in consideration of individual development, levels of consciousness and free will. One can say that it creates a harmonious natural field where one can more easily find one’s original state, and thus balance and well-being.
4 models therefore, to more simply and easily support individual life issues and to promote self-regulation, self-love and well-being.
These positive qualities are of course also available to the animals, the earth, the waters and the environment.

What is meant by electromagnetic radiation and non-thermal radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is a transmission of electromagnetic waves. These waves can be of natural origin, such as those originating from the sun, or waves generated by electronic devices. Depending on their sensitivity, humans and all living beings react differently to electromagnetic radiation. Concerning harmful radiation, we refer to thermal and non-thermal effects of e-smog. High-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which is used, for example, by mobile radio devices, is converted into heat inside the body of a living creature. This effect is called thermal effect (just think, for example, to the heat you can feel due to a prolonged mobile phone call).

There is also a second form of radiation, the so-called non-thermal radiation, which can trigger a biological effect through the oxidative stress. In electrosensitive persons, this non-thermal radiation can lead to effects such as fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, headaches, lack of energy and concentration disorders.

How does ENEU HarmoNice harmonize these stressful radiations?

ENEU technology acts on the energy information field and transforms not beneficial, harmful information into harmonious, healthy information.

In order to harmonize the harmful radiations, we use a self developed technology. ENEU HarmoNice provides certified protection against adverse effects of electromagnetic, non-thermal radiation on the cellular level. The related studies, test reports and certification are available on our website under “Studies”.

Can ENEU HarmoNice also be wear as a pendant or body jewelry in order to protect myself or others from e-smog?

No. Please use ENEU HarmoNice only for the purposes outlined in the instruction manual and apply it only to electrical devices.

Can I remove ENEU HarmoNice from my old mobile phone and re-apply it when I buy a new one?

Yes, ENEU HarmoNice can be removed and reused at any time. Please be careful! We do not take any liability for any damage to the phone or the ENEU HarmoNice as a result of this operation!

Is the effect a placebo effect?

Based on the various studies in multiple, independently repeated test series and long-term studies, be it on the cellular level, as well as on the water, which was also studied independently and neutrally, we can rule out a placebo effect.



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